The engineering area was born from our passion for innovation, in the search for balance between development and conservation of ecosystems, where solutions arise through engineering projects.

Focused on the execution of marine projects, such as submarine outfalls with diffuser systems that minimize the impact of discharge in the marine environment. In addition, our coastal engineering team focuses on minimizing the effects of climate change and increasing coastal resilience, proposing technical solutions that provide engineering solutions in line with the conservation of the coast, the sea and its resources.


Design and fabrication of a submarine outfall for the discharge of a 5,000 m3/h desalination plant using venturi diffusers in Indonesia.

RDMP Balikpapan JO

Diffuser section design for a brine spill in Saudi Arabia


Conceptual engineering and modeling for the design of a diffuser section for a brine discharge using Venturi diffusers in Australia.


Drafting of the pilot project for the recovery and stabilization of the dune system of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés beaches.

Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria

Contingency Plan Project to ensure the functionality and public use of beaches after extreme events and climate change.

Consorcio para la Rehabilitación Turística del Sur de Gran Canaria

Design of a sustainable discharge system for the desalination plant in Gozo (Malta) using Venturi diffusers.

JP Baldachnio – Water Services Corporation

Study on hydraulic calculations for the extension of the Mancomunidad del Sureste EDAM pipeline and study of alternatives in the design of the diffuser section.

Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias

Study of the effect of the construction of a tidal pool on the regatta course in the southeast of Gran Canaria.

Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria