Research and Development

The research is the base for a sustainable management of the environment. The development of new technology optimizes the management of the environment, improving and simplifying methodologies. In ECOS believe in applied research that provides solutions to environmental problems, providing the tools necessary for proper management of the environment.

Ongoing projects:

  • Ecofeed Project: Eco-efficient system feed for aquaculture off-shore to reduce environmental impact and improved economic efficiency (Coordinator)
  • Call: Eco-innovation. 2013-2015
  • Development of techniques for the recovery of Cymodocea nodosa meadows
  • Own funding

Projects that have participated:

  • Venturi Project: "Technical feasibility study of the venturi eductors in brine discharge from desalination and dilution process improvement and reduction of environmental impact on marine ecosystems"
  • Growing and Optimization Project Management Sea urchin ( Parecentrotus lividus )
  • Development and implementation of a methodology to reduce the environmental impact of brine discharges from sewage plants , funded by the National R + D
  • Selection indicators, baseline determination , program design protocols and methods and measures for environmental studies in marine aquaculture " funded by the Advisory Board of Marine Aquaculture.
  • Project "Water treatment facilities discharge into marine and auxiliary crops located in land areas"
  • Project “Developing a control plan urchin Diadema antillarum for environmental improvement through rocky bottoms its socioeconomic recovery" DIADEMAR
  • Project Analysis of functional variability in the seagrass meadows of Cymodocea nodosa and development of indicators of environmental quality.
  • Project Development and application of assessment methodologies spatial extent of organic discharges from aquaculture facilities"
  • Project Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of artificial background biofilters to mitigate environmental impact of marine fish culture in floating cages"