Environmental Consulting

ECOS has among its services those related to environmental studies, both in the marine environment and on land, being the main types of work performed in the following lines:

  • Planning, Management and Monitoring of Protected Areas
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Monitoring Plans
  • Eco-Cartographic Studies
  • Taxonomic studies
  • Environmental Restoration - Resource Recovery

Main developments

  • Environmental Monitoring Plan of Offshore aquaculture
  • Control and recovery of the natural sedimentary balance in the dunes and beaches of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)
  • Environmental Monitoring Plan of underwater outfalls
  • Environmental Monitoring Plan for the operational phase " port Órzola 2nd phase "
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the installation of offshore fish farm
  • Sustainable management of the network of protected areas on the island of Maio, Cape Verde
  • Environmental Document for the installation of an offshore wind farm in Gran Canaria
  • Environmental Document for the installation of an onshore wind farm in Fuerteventura
  • Translocation of seagrass pilot project and seeding
  • Draft Contingency Plan to ensure functionality and use the public beaches after extreme events