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ECOS has facilities of 200 m2 on the island of Gran Canaria, with wet work area, storage, utility room, photocopying and library, meeting room and laboratory to perform with ease and professionalism work. + info

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Laboratory instruments

• USB Microscope PCE-MM 200 • Lupa articulated arm • stereomicroscópico Lupa ST-30C – 2L00 • probe thermo scientific sulfides • Stove Dryglass 40-170 º C • Sieve RP20 • VWR Precision Balance Sartorius • explorer pro balance • magnetic stirrer and heater VWR VMS […]

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Instruments for in situ measuring

• Doppler Current Profiler autonomous Argonaut-XR 750 KHz Sontek • multiparameter probe YSI 6600 V2 • redox potential probe (Pioneer 45) • Kestrel 4000 Portable Weather Station • 6 dynamometers for measuring wave • VWR EC300 portable conductivity. • portable pH meter PH100 VWR • […]

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Diving equipment

• Dive Computers • Phone Wireless Intercom Buddy STX-100 • Vests • Regulators • diving suits • Scuba Tanks 12 l. • Reanivag (dive emergency team) • signaling buoys • transects Reels • launch water

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Sampling devices

• Niskin bottles • Draga Van-been • Draga for cylindrical pellet • Draga Skate for biological samples • Cylindrical Cores • Box infauna • sedimentation traps



Software MIKE 21 y MIKE 3 (PA, PP, HD, AD) de DHI. Módulo de dispersion de partículas. Software SMC, Sistema de Modelado Costero 3.0. Software Surfer 9.0 Golden Surfer Software Software DESCAR de Canarina Software Autocad LT 2010 Software Quantum GIS Microsoft Office CORMIX

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Boat type Bermeo 11.5 meters in length, prepared for the oceanographic sampling. 5th Class List T (5th BI-2-1-13) Auxilar 3 meter boat with 6 hp Yamaha motor Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 75 cv Hyunday H1 2500

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Video and photo

• ROV FO II Mariscope with maximum working depth 500 m. and the ability to incorporate sensors for measuring water quality parameters in situ. • video camera XEO-TV, consisting of a waterproof micro camera, laptop, GPS and geo-referencing software. • Film Crew “Deep Blue”, composed […]